[Resolved]Help, Issue on setup Customer Naming By to Naming Series

We use Customer Name in selling settings before, we have issues after switch to use Naming Series.
What we did after switch to Naming Series

  1. We added 3 new customers and we noticed the name start with 1, so 3 new customers with 3 new IDs, they are CUST-2020-0001 to CUST-2020-0003
  2. We did name replace for all exist customer by using bulk rename tool in settings. we saw all customers had new IDs.
  3. After 1 and 2, we got issue when we add a new customer, the error message displayed like below.

We expect the new auto generate ID should start with the lMAX number we have in real system, but it seems the system only remembered the position we did in step 1.
Please advise how to fix.

Thank you.

Version info

Go to Settings->Naming Series

  1. Select Customer in Select transaction
  2. Enter the current last value of that transaction in session UPDATE SERIES like this.

After that, the issue fixed.