[resolved] I broke Print Format

So yeah. I think that by accidentally loading a custom format with -header- tags still attached to the code that I may have broken my ‘print view’. Even after deleting the tags, ‘bench update --patch’-ing, rebooting the server, and generally giving it a swift kick or two, every time I click the ‘print’ icon on the invoice- even with a different format all-together-, the print/format selection/pdf bar pops half to all the way up into the header and affects the general layout of the site in subtle, but clearly broken, ways. The errors persist site wide until I reload from the user menu. I’ll try and get a screenshot if necessary tomorrow, but right now I’m tired and done for the day.

So yeah. Is this a known thing? Am I incorrect in my assumption of cause and really there’s just something wrong with something else? Or, is there a way to rebuild the affected bits, and what bits would those likely be?

Thank you guys, and goodnight/day/morning.

Any screen shots may help…

Screenshots attached. After cleaning up my existing -<-style> section, I can use the controls again, but the control section is more or less dropping from the frame down to the viewing window… if that makes sense. The result is that the top portion of it is ‘tucked’ under the border, and it scrolls with the rest of the view window, meaning up into/out of the site frame.


This was a ‘custom css’ mistake issue. it resolved after a reload and a cessation of using the affected template.

Can be closed.