Resource Management

hello everyone,

there is app built in frappe for erpnext for resource management ?

resource can be assets , human or material , we need to manage all that, from one app

if there is no app, I’ll happy to start that app with you and make it for run with erpnext for resource management

Hi Ibrahim,

Welcome to ERPNext. Here’s hoping you have a great experience with ERPNext and here on the community.

Frappe/ERPNext has both an Android and iOS app. ERPNext does Asset, People and Stock Management. So by inference I guess it’s fair to declare that there is an app to manage resources.

Were you looking at a subset of ERPNext? Well that can be done by restricting users to Modules, Documents and even fields within a document.

Not sure if you have explored ERPNext fully, but you should and see whats the extra functionality you’re looking for.

Hope this helps.



Hi JayRam,

What i mean , for example if i have a company that has a two cars

we need to know the car schedule
and who is drive it now so on from the tools

and aother like rooms, and people

can i do that by erpnext now?
i mean by app new app like erpnext

sorry about my language

thank you