Resources not loading in production CentOs 7

Installed the ERP in Centos 7 with easy installation process in DO droplet. It installed successfully but resources (all css, js files) are not loading.

Did I miss something?

I installed it using a new user (not as root). But the user has root privileges. IP address

The script is tested against DO’s CentOS image, Try running bench update --build and check also check nginx error logs tail -n30 /var/log/nginx/error.log


Getting permission denied error in the log. How can I solve this?

Log: 2014/12/12 12:58:39 [crit] 907#0: *11 stat() "/home/relicon/frappe-bench/sites/a -

nginx user does not have access to the assets directory.

I ran:
sudo -u nginx stat /home/relicon/frappe-bench/sites/assets

I am getting:
stat: cannot stat ‘/home/relicon/frappe-bench/sites/assets’: Permission denied


It started working after running the commands

sudo chmod o+x /home/relicon
sudo chmod o+r /home/relicon

Thanks for your time.

Try chmod o+x /home/relicon

Thanks. It is working now.

I am trying to run the erp in multiple subdomain. Followed the Multitenant Setup. Do I need to add the subdomain in the config file manually?