REST Api for fetching data from erpnext to html page

Hi. I’m trying to get the value of opening stock of a particular item from erpnext and that value should be the value of the stock in my website. I just can’t find any resources of how to integrate it using rest api.

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see Introduction

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Thank you so much.

We are really new in Frappe, can anyone please make a tutorial for making any API.

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i have tried this using postman…but i am not able to integrate my website with erpnext…can u plz explain in detail how to fetch the data?

I have tried to use ERPNext rest api but I while using ERPNext rest api I can’t find the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in the “Response Headers” area which causes to browser block the response. enable CORS support at the server level.

Solved it already !

Hi @_xsilentxi_24 can please give the solution step by step because, when i call ERPNEXT api from postman i’m getting error like Could not get any response.
Thank you