Rest api in react native?

Can we build a rest api in an android web view app for erpnext sites using react native ??
Will it require any backend language apart from react native in building the api?

The android web view app will be used for all purposes:- get, post, put, delete,create, update.(all HTTP methods)

Now we need to access the data of the site with the help of APIs. to access all the fields of the doctype what can we do apart from mentioning all the names in the api of the url (as mentioned in:- Introduction) ?

Is there any method to get the listing of all the fields of the doctype? and is there any way to connect to the database of the website apart from the api so that filtering can be done using SQL queries?

Please suggest as soon as possible!

Use Rest API instead of Database access Introduction

By default, only name field is included in the listing, to add more fields, you can pass the fields param to GET request. The param has to be a JSON array.

GET http://frappe.local:8000/api/resource/Person/?fields=[“name”, “first_name”]

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