ReST API: List of whitelisted endpoints

List of Whitelisted endpoints

How to scan for latest additions:

  1. Install frappe whitelist scanner script
npm i -g
  1. Change to App directory. e.g erpnext
cd ~/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext
  1. Execute script to scan whitelisted
# Execute this from within app directory
fwscanner .

# Output to file
fwscanner . > erpnext-whitelist.txt 

Fabulous resource! Thanks!

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hey @revant_one would you happen to know if, and how, those endpoints can be called using curl or Postman? I’ve been hunting for an example for hours ( How to call "Chart of Accounts Importer" through RPC API? )

Check this if it helps,

Ah! That’s the page I saw weeks ago!

I think I was getting overly clever in my search criteria :flushed:

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