Rest API Stock Entry POST

Hi All,

I’m trying create stock entry via rest api. I can list current entries in system. when I try to post new one I get following error as result.

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘options’,

my json object as following

{“from_warehouse”:“Mamüller - MDS”,“to_warehouse”:“Ürünler - MDS”,“purpose”:“Manufacture”,“items”:{“qty”:5,“item_code”:“VDC-01”}}

is there a problem with my object or am I missing something ?

For those who face same problem. I was posting json data incorrect way. both post method was wrong and my json file was wrong correct version of json is data={“to_warehouse”:“Üretim - MDS”,“from_warehouse”:“Mamüller - MDS”,“purpose”:“Manufacture”,“items”:[{“qty”:5,“item_code”:“VDC-01”}]}