RestAPI / Resource delete slow / almost 500 queries

Hi Guys,

following scenario:
v14.0.0-beta.5 (version-14-beta)

In order to test the API response time I have a small testclient that creates and then deletes 1000 entries of a very simple custom doctype, one by one. I’m the only user on that system, so it’s not in use by anyone else and load is 0. Developer mode is off. Only a custom app (witht that doctype) is installed:

It takes about 50ms to create a new document via POST, but > 600ms to delete it again.
The server itself is quite capable, and also idling during these deletes. Roundtrip (ping) is almost 40ms. Htop looks like this during delete:

When I use the recorder it takes over a second to delete a single entry, and about 400 SQL calls are being made:

My questions:

  1. Why almost 500 SQL queries to delete a single document via RestAPI?
  2. 250ms for the queries (for that number at least) seems to be OK - but what does the system do the other second?

Thank you so much for your ideas, I you need anything else to help me to understand please ask :slight_smile:




guys, we still face the issue above - can someone please explain why there are so many queries need for that operation, and why it is so slow?