Restarting bench

I have an AWS EC2 instance setup in development mode. Started bench using ‘bench start’ and after my days work closed the SSH connection.

Next time, when I SSH server I am no longer seeing the bench console and I cannot start bench again. All I have to do is restart the ec2 instance and run ‘bench start’ again.

Is there any way that I can stop already running bench instance without reastating ec2 instance.

I would suggest not having your EC2 in development mode. For your development use another instance or your local computer. Push your customization to git.

I am working on a remote server as well and have the same problem as tglk. I don’t think its a bad way to work, to have the development server on an clean Ubuntu (or some other Linux) remote server.

I always reboot the server too by doing sudo reboot now. It only takes like 30 seconds, but of course, I would prefer to have a way to restart that bench.

bench restart is not working, since its development mode.