Restaurant POS interface - how to access it?

Is there a restaurant POS interface with things like tables selection and printing to kitchen printer?

I can’t seem to Google any solutions. Odoo has a good example of the interface I’ve in mind.

This link may give some more information to you.

That’s unfortunate. Can I add the domain to the stable release? Or do I’ve to use the devel branch.

Bump, how do I try this interface? I just need some sort of tables and delivery selection methods.

You would need to ne on develop branch.

@Muzzy, I used the easy install script with the --develop flag, but I don’t see the restaurant module. Am I missing something?

Please check if you have ticked the Hospitality domain and Restaurant module. Once done save and refresh.

This is the fresh install interface:

This is my modules access:

I tried manually going to localhost:8000/desk#modules/Restaurant or /Hospitality, only to be informed there are no such modules.

Complete the setup and then search for domain. I tested Restaurant on master branch. I don’t use development site not sure why you are not getting Hospitality. Maybe someone on the forum and find the root cause.

@Muzzy, the second screenshot is from after completing the setup. How did you use the Restaurant on master?

In Awesome bar type Domain Settings and chose Hospitality. Ignore the setup

Screenshot is from ERPNext: v10.1.13 (master) Frappe Framework: v10.1.6 (master)

Once done search Restaurant in Awesome bar and make new Restaurant.

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… still nothing:

I’m confused.

@oxwivi It will not be visible because it is beta, you can find it if you search in the search bar.

That’s the thing, it does not show in the search bar.

But today, after restarting bench, it shows on the Dashboard and I can access list of restaurant for there. But for the life of me, the module still does not show on either the search bar or the side menu. Everything, restaurant list, menu, tables, except the Restaurant module setting page works. You can’t access it at all.

Screenshot-2018-3-25 Desktop

Hello @oxwivi
Did you find a way to have the restaurant tables with the POS?


No, I haven’t looked into it since. The table system was just a drop-down box back then, and judging from your question, it still is.

Tested this right in version 11 and it works great. Though still in development mode, i think more functions could still be added.