Restore Backup from V3 to V5?

Hi, I have backup old v3 “sql.gz” and “” of an old local installed version. I want to report to v5 VM.

I run “bench --force tmp/db.sql.gz” but seems like there are error message and died.
If I point my browser to I see “Internal Server Error”.

What to properly do the restore from V3 to V5?

You will first have to migrate to v4 (by checking out the appropriate branch) and then migrate to v5.

That sounds like a big task. How about using export feature to export the data and import into the v5?
Will it work?

Quick answer: no.

How to take bakup of site in v3?
Like we use bench backup in v6

I have migrated v3 to v4 but all user gets removed?
Is something wrong, or this is expected behavior?

got issue, in v3 we have Profile table to store user and in v4 we have user table to store user.

@kolate_sambhaji don’t skip the patches!

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@rmehta We need to skip patches since patches not running in sequence, many v6 patches running when I am migrating to v5 and it gives error error similar to title_field missing
I have run skipped patches after running other patches.

Finally I have successfully migrated v3 to v6 without any error.

One of my new client using v3, I have upgraded it to v6 and it take only two hours, so anyone looking for update erpnext can easily migrate there server.


  1. install v4 and restore v3 database
  2. run command bench frappe --latest to execute v4 patches
  3. take v4 latest backup
  4. install v6 and restore v4 database
  5. restore v4 database and run bench migrate to execute v5 and v6 patches.
  6. instead of installing erpnext one can use ubuntu image provided by erpnext, so it will speed up process and one can easily migrate system.

Instead of skipping the patches, you should fix the patch and send a PR