Restore backup got internal server error in browser

i had a data backup of erpnext v13 and when i tried to restore the backup to erpnext v14
using the command

$ bench --site --force restore 2022-mydata.sql
it asks for mysql password and given
it successfully restored
but when i try to access the app in browser
i got
Internal Server Error
any clues to sort out this issue thanks

After the restore you must have to migrate the site.

bench --site migrate

Also check for logs if the problem still presists

i tried the steps to test a backup taken from erpnext v14 and restore in erpnext v14
with following commands

step1: taking backup 
$ bench --site backup --verbose

step2: restore in new server
$ gunzip 20230213_233004-erp_hashlabs_in-database.sql.gz

$ bench --site --force restore 20230213_233004-erp_hashlabs_in-database.sql

$ bench --site migrate

it works perfect the server is restored , but
when i backup data from a production server with erpnext v13
and restore in erpnext v14 i follow the same steps but i got error

pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'website_search_field' in 'field list'") , and internal server ,
any clues to fix the issues