Restore database to Frappe Docker

I am using Erpnext Cloud right now and have also set up a self-hosted server through the digital ocean using frappe docker. Everything is running well on the server but I am not a user of how to restore the Erpnext cloud database to that server. I have installed the system using
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If there are some default steps to restore the Sql.gz data to docker.
I am using ubuntu

you need 4 files to restore backup in general:

  1. sql.gz backup
  2. private files tar
  3. public files tar
  4. site_config.json (need “encryption_key” from here)


  1. restore sql file to database. mysql -uroot -p$PASSWORD db_name < db_file.sql
  2. remove the extra installed apps (if restoring from frappecloud/
bench --site <> remove-from-installed-apps journeys
bench --site <> remove-from-installed-apps erpnext_support
  1. you may have to remove extra doctype and module def for Journeys and ERPNext Support apps. Remove using sql query or bench console.
  2. After restore, run bench --site <> migrate
    Note: for all these operations you need to exec into the erpnext-python container.
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Thank You very much for indicating the steps. Was able to do it on the first go!!!

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I have same problem can you explain step by step docker restoration database?