Restore the data of last snapshot

hello …
I have ERPNext installed on Ubuntu on the VM… i was trying to log in to the administrator account but it was showing yesterday “Sorry! we will be back soon… Don’t panic it’s not you, it’s us”

so i took a snapshot for the last update and restarted the machine but when I opened it, it shows the"Snapshot1 - 30-March-2022" … and when i tried to log in to the ERPNext account, the latest data didn’t appear. does that mean that i lost the data?
i was trying “bench update” but not it is showing in ERPNext log in page that “Your system is being updated. Please refresh again after a few moments”
please help me to restore the latest data.

Hopefully you took a snapshot of your VM with the latest data before you reverted to the old snapshot?
Or you have backups of the VM or at least your ERPNext data you have downloaded?

yeah i took a snapshot of the VM before restarting… where can i find it ? how to restore it ?

Depends on the program. You’ll have to check your documentation for whatever you are using- vmware, virtualbox, etc. The good news is since you took that snapshot, you can just return to it and it will be just as it was before.