Restoring an older copy of ERPNEXT after upgrade on your cloud hosting


I observe that are plenty of fixes and changes whenever ERPnext is updated. That both excites me and makes me worried.

I am currently on your 5 user cloud plan. How can I be sure that backups made earlier will restore properly if any of the new updates screws up? I mean, it is possible to roll back?

From my understanding, backing up and restoring the database under Setup>Backups is very different from restoring from a complete image. It is very different from ‘turning back time’.

Furthermore, there is no tool tips or introductive text on the backup page.

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Hello William,

Check following to restore backup file in the local ERPNext instance.

We always suggest you operating on the latest ERPNext version in the production.

@umair I am referring to my account hosted on your cloud hosting. Not local instance.


Do you have a backup file to be restore? We will have to have a look at it. Can you please email your account URL on support

@wdg It is very rare to have a update failure on the Cloud hosting, in case there is, we’ll make sure to fix it. You can setup Dropbox backup to make sure your backups are safely stored.

It is just concern of mine before I commit all my resources and data into a system in the cloud. I need assurance that any new updates (e.g. even Frappe 7 arrives) that my backups are compatible with future versions. OR at least it can fixed easily :slight_smile: