Restrict ability to add attachments?

Is there any way to restrict the ability of users to add attachments? I only want people with write access to be able to attach files.

Also, can I restrict the ability to remove attachments to only the Admin account?

did you tried field level permissions? ex. Level 0,Level 1,etc

I haven’t, but there’s no way to make the attachments on the left of the page a higher level. Though this may work in the main document, with an attach field.

sorry I cant catch what u r coming 2 say

To change the permission level to 1, the attachments section on the toolbar would have to be in customize form, but it isn’t. It’s part of the Frappe framework.

@cpurbaugh cpurbaugh,

you can add the before_insert hook for File document to restrict the certain user to restrict adding attachment.