Restrict item quantity while shipping/invoicing if not enough qty


i need to add quantity restriction to the item selected in sales invoice / delivery.

lets say i have an order of 10 candy
i decided to make sales order of 10 candy from warehouse A (which actually only have 5)

i need the sales invoice and/or delivery to warn and by default only will ship/invoice 5

the other 5 will need to be reported as unfulfiled order

how can i do this?

thank you beforehand

Are you looking to prevent the transaction, or just warn? Unless you’ve turned on the “Allow Negative Stock” setting in “Stock Settings”, you shouldn’t be able to sell more than you have in inventory.

Hi @peterg,

ah, i see, i definitely turn the “allow negative stock” on, will this affect stock transfer between warehouse as well?

and in current case, i would like a warning if the transacion is more than my stock
any way to do this?

thanks again

I’m not aware of any way out of the box to get a non-blocking warning. You could certainly do this with a server or client script, but you’d have to write the logic yourself.

Hi @peterg,

I see.

if i am to turn off “allow negative stock”, is it possible to set a permission for some role that will be able to do transaction even if it will result in negative stock? - without scripting?


Not that I’m aware of. Perhaps somebody with more experience with stock will have some suggestions, but as I understand it it’s all or nothing.

@peterg, ok, thanks for the help