Restrict other users from seeing the leads of other assigned user or owner

Dear Concern,

I want to restrict Users from seeing other’s Leads but when i apply “if owner created” on sales users and assigned a lead to other user, it is not showing the lead to that user.

But, when i share the lead to the user, that lead is shown on the user’s lead list.

You can check this option

i have already done this, but it only makes the lead unseen to other users and when i create a lead and assign to a user it shows in calender or in to do. and that assigned user can delete own name from assigned to option and lead status shows closed. and “next contact by” is not editable from assigned user.

You can try user permissions.
Lead doctype should have an Employee or User field which should be a link field. Go to user permissions, create a permission for this user, select doctype Lead, then select Allow On to the user id of the employee.

but assigned user can delete its own from assigned to option.
How to restrict the assigned user to delete its own from assigned to filed.

and when assigned user wants to change the date of next contact date, it is showing error :-
" Not permitted"
Not allowed for User: Administrator. Restricted field: lead_owner
User does not have access to this document

were you able to find any solution?

No, I am still working for the solution.

try this.

1.add a permission level number to fields which are giving not permitted error now
2. create another role permission and give permissions and uncheck the '‘only if creator’

Could you please brief with an example with pictures, if possible?