Restrict Records to be displayed in Time Log

Like Employee Records, I want that when user login to the Time Log, s/he can only see his/her own records.
Is there any way to do this?
I can put restrictions that nobody cannot see anyone else records but my requirement is different, I want that nobody should be able to see anyone else records in the list itself like employee records.

@ruchin78 take a look in the permission section of the manual Frappe Cloud

I have gone through this before raising the question but I didn’t get any idea about how to achieve my required task.

@ruchin78 the given example section in the manual explaing exactly what do you want do to reach this!

Maybe, will be clear if you reference the section that is not clear to you!

Hi Max,
Thanks its done, just need to click on If Owner.

Thanks and Regards
Ruchin Sharma

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