Restrict Sales Order for certain Item Group

I want to restrict creating sales order to certain Item Group and can’t create any sales orders for any other item group.
example:- i have 2 item groups (Cars - Furniture), i want to restrict “sales order” creation for any item related to “Cars” item group and prevent creating sales orders in case of choosing any item related to the second item group (Furniture).


This scenario can be managed using User Permissions. Identify two roles, say Sales User and Sales Manager.

Sales User should have only to those items who Item Groups is Furniture. While creating Sales Order (or any transaction for that matter), they will be able to access only those Item Groups which has Furniture as Item Group.

For Sales Manager, all the Items will be accessible. Hence only User with Sales Manager Role will be able to create Sales Order for Item Group “cars”.

I don’t know how to apply your solution on the system, Can you give me steps or screenshots to solve this problem on the system ?

You could always unselect “Is Sales Item” in the item master. This approach is very clean if you generate many different items variants from one item template; setting is reflected in all variants. It can get messy to verify item settings if there is more than one person creating items.

Or you could write a script to make “Is Sales item” unselected by default. Here is a script we have running to make “Use Multi-level BOM” in production orders unselected by default: