Restrict specific user from accessing a certain user document

Hi Everyone!

Context: User A (Finance Manager), User B (HR Manager) and User C (Ops Manager).

User A, since he is the finmanager, can access the employee info and their Payroll related documents. However he must not be able to see the employee info and Payroll related documents for Users B and C.

How could I do this? Is there a setting that “Unallow (user) if (doc : employee) is (employee name)”

Hello @tomkeith00,

Assign role to particular user and assign documents to particular role and restrict permission on role permission manager.

Thanks for the quick reply @bhavikpatel7023! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

However, I’m sorry i wasnt able to follow your advice.

Just to recap: User A (role: Finance Manager) must be able to access all the employees records in the Employee List, JUST NOT the records of specific Users B and C.

Now, the Finance Manager role has access to Employee documents in the Role Permission Manager

Just assume that you have Finance Manager instead of Fleet Manager. Leve should be 0 and uncheck apply user permissions and if owner check box.

yes, this configuration will allow the Finmanager to access all the Employees but this doesnt restrict User A to access the records of Users B and C :frowning:

need core changes and make filter that if login user role is this then user with this role can’t accessible .

Unfortunately, the Finance Manager in most cases will need to see the records of ALL employees (even User B and User C). When it comes to payroll records, currently you cannot hide individual employees information from the accounting role responsible for the payroll.

You present an interesting “use case” but it would require some custom work from a developer to make it happen.