Restrict User solely to Module HR

I’m trying to customize Roles & Permissions so that a user has only access to module HR. As you can see success evades me:

Here is my configuration so far, maybe you can tell me what I missed. Here are the roles assigned and the permissions granted by the role:

Here is Allow Modules:

Any idea anyone?

How did you create the employee?

No employee record for User “U1” was created. There is only a User, the Role and the Permissions shown in the screenshots.

Try this in Role Permissions Manager, select HR User.
Look at all the doctypes you would from that “role”.
Now select the new role you created and start adding those doctypes into your new role…

Thanks for answering. I checked the section “Allow Modules” again and found that all modules were set to active again, which is rather strange being me the only user on the machine.

I reapplied my Module Profile “Role Lvl X” a shown in the screenshot above, and this time it worked.

do { rinse & repeat } until (success)