Restrict websiteusers to read only in Projects [V7.1.10]

Hi all,

I have created a website user (customer) and mentioned that user in his project under users.
Now I want to limit the Projects and tasks on website to read only - how can I do this??

I already tried to limit customer role to read only in doctypes project and task
but no luck so far




For the Website User, you can control which all features will be visible based on the Role.

Please check:

Website > Portal > Portal Settings

Define which all document types could be visible to the Role Customer.

Hi @umair

thank you for getting back on this
well I have setup as follows

The user is mentioned in “Project XY / users”

Portal settings

Role Customer for Task

Role Customer for Project

but still

the user can edit the tasks

I think that the mentioning in the projects usertable gives full access and overwrites the Role permission of Role Customer
but I thing it should not be like that.
If user is mentioned in Projects User table it should still be gouverned by the role of the user


Can you please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion?

@KanchanChauhan can we control permission for the Website User from the Role Permission manager?

This issue still persists. Can you provide any updates on how to fix it?