Restricted Access Based on Department


Is there a way in which we can restrict the users of one division from accessing the documents created by users of other divisions.

We have two divisions, one is for Communication Systems and other is for Security Systems.
What we want is that the Users of Comm div should not be able to access the docs (quotations, SOs etc) created by Security Sys Division and vice a versa.



user permission can be manage from following path
setup → permissions → User Permission manager,
where you can provide the Name of the User and the Doctype , and Document name , accordingly the user will able to access only mentioned Document .

also you can refer following link

Sagar Vaidya
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd

@rasika25021 you can add a custom field “Division” in each document type you want to restrict and the restrict by that field. Also create a custom doctype “Division”

How can I create a custom doctype?

When I go to settings → Customize → Doctype , I can see any option to add or create a doctype.


@rasika25021are you system manager? New topics for new questions please.