Restricting Leave application for Earned leaves based on future earnings

Current way:
Currently When we create a earned leave - the leaves are allocated monthly at the end of each month based on the leave policy .
If we allow negative leave balance for that type of leave , the employee can apply for more leaves than he has , even more leave which he might have in future,

Scenario for better explanation:

Leave type : annual leave , earned leave. Yearly allocation : 30 , monthly allocation :2.5

At the end of February employee A will have 5 earned leaves, and at the end of march he will have 7.5
employee A needs 7 leaves in April (7.5 available at the time)

If the allow_negative check is disabled , the employee wont be able to apply for that leave in February as it will give him not enough balance error .

But if the allow_negative is enabled, the employee A can even apply for 9 leaves in April which is more than that he would have earned at that time .!!

Is there any way to restrict the negative balance only till the amount that will be available at that time ? i.e maximum allowed leave to be taken till april end is 7.5 and can apply for the leave in February (when it is 5)

Any help is appreciated .


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Any update about this issue?