Restricting Projects and Tasks

I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the issue im having. So im new to ERPnext, and im trying to do is to create a project and within that project the tasks to complete that project. but have a few questions

  1. if i create a project it seems to appear to everyone and i thought it would only appear to the users i put that apply to that project. I checked the permissions and the users are project users and not manager.

  2. for the tasks how i can apply the tasks to certain people as i dont want other users to see the other tasks or those tasks wont apply for that user but on their dashboard appears as if they need to do it

THank you

Have you tried entering those users here ? Check the users section in the Project doctype.

One way I can think of is to link this task to the user i.e. Create a custom field of type Link and update the user (e.g. and set permissions on Task from Role Permissions Manager. Now the user operation from that id will be able to see only its own tasks.


Thanks for the reply, as for the user part i put the email of the person that should be able to look at the project and it appears for him and for all the other people who are not in the user which is odd.

as the tasks per users

when you mean create custom filed of type do you mean inside of the project?

For tasks I meant you create custom field for User of type Link.

Same you can do for Project for your employee or user if it does not work for you.

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Thanks for the reply, sorry for the ignorance but i still dont get it, here is what i think i understood
on tasks i would create a custom field (see picture row 44) but when i try to update it says
Maybe could you show me a picture how you would set it up?
Thank you again

Options user must be the same as doctype name User for the field User

Capitalize the U in user that you’ve mentioned in Options of that field.

Also, set User permission for that User like this.

On Doctype = User
For Value = user id of that user
Remove check mark from applicable to all doctypes
Select Project in the Link field below it.

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Thanks for the reply, i tried from what you said but still shows to everyone the task im not sure what im missing

In the second screen shot:

Change Allow from Company to User

In For Value set the same value as used in field above.

Applicable for is correct

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Thanks for the reply, i tried but didnt not work what i did instead is went to role permissions and document task check mark only creator, then when i create a task i share it with the person. the only way i got it to work hope this helps someone else