Restricting Task Status Options Based on Role

We have a requirement where the user should be able to change the Task status based on role. The exact requirement is mentioned below:

  1. User A with Role “Task Type 1 Master” creates a TaskA and Then Assigns it to Task User with Role Task User with status as Open
  2. User A can assign one of the Status (Open, Working, Pending Review, Overdue, Closed, Cancelled)
  3. The task user now can work on the task and either change the status to Working or to Pending Review and never to Closed/Cancelled.
  4. The tasks should be available for status Closed/Cancelled by users with role Task Type 1 Master and not the regular user.

Any idea on how I can go about this type of configuration or should i do some customization.

One Idea that i had was to restrict the Status dropdown values based on the users role, but could not find any way to restrict a form dropdown based on users role. Please help.


For help in creating Workflow, check:

In the Workflow, you can set State as Open, Working, Pending Review, Closed, Cancelled. For each State, you can define Role which will have permission on that State. As per your use case, regular user will only have access on Task having Status as Open, Working and Pending for Review, They won’t be able to see Closed or Cancelled option in the actions tab.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Umair, the above suggestion put us in the right direction.