Restricting users from accessing specific item group

Hello I have this item groups

Woven Label (Parent)

  • Child 1
  • Child 2

Printed Label (Parent)

  • Child 1
  • Child 2

Raw Materials

I want to restrict some users from seeing raw materials . But there is no option to restrict user by specifying only one item group he is not allowed.

So I have tried adding restriction by allowing woven label and printed label. But if I allow only Woven Label no child items get permission . I have to allow all child items individually. I have almost 50 items in each parent item group .

How can I restrict users by only allowing parent item group ? Please help


Hello Man

I,m talking about users with same permission level. Like all my users are sales users and each of them can access specific item groups (parent & child) and items under that groups.

I have already done that and mention in my question . can you please read it first ? My problem is I have to individually restrict all child item group of a parent group, If I restrict parent group only then user don’t get access to child groups