Restriction in Report


How to restrict each Employee to view only their own leave balance record ?
Only the user assigned as HR manager can view the Employee Leave Balance report of every Employee.

Use Role-permission for that.


You need User Permission to do that.

Create user permission like following:

Check this documentation for more help.


Hi @bhavikpatel7023!
From where can I set Role Permission for Employee Leave Balance report?

you need to set role permission for Employee document like below screen short…



I did exactly as you suggested. But the employee is getting ‘Insufficient Permission for DocType Employee’ on viewing the Employee Leave Balance report!
The HR manager (also the System Manager) is able to view Leave balance report of every Employee which is fine.
But the other Employees (not a System Manager) are unable to view their own report.

Hi - I am not getting the option “Apply User Permissions”