Retail menu is not available

hi .
i installed version
ERPNext: v13.6.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v13.6.0 (version-12)
there is no retail menu to use pos in my store . how can i use that

is POS Feature Depricated?

Try hard-refreshing, had a similar issue, was solved by hard refresh.

thank you
what do you mean by hard refreshing

If you’re using Chrome, CTRL + Refresh button. This is my guess, hard refresh usually solves the problem.

Read this for more details: What is a Hard Refresh? How to do a Hard Refresh in Any Browser. | Documate

i did that but nothing changed .
there is no retail

Retail is domain,

You can go to domain settings and tick on Retail then save and reload page then after you can see retail under Domains.

Type Ctrl+G and search for POS. If you cant find it then I guess is that Retail has not been ticked in Domain Settings.

i find the problem .
the domain should be set separately.

Yes it was doman problem
I set it at first configuration but it seems
It doesn’t ap

Maybe you could share what the problem is?
It may help other users if it is case problem.
Or if it is a bug it may be of interest to the maintainers.
Thank you

at basic setup i select retail domain . but after setup finished the domain was service not retail .
thanks for your follow