[Retail] Optical Store/Optician Custom App

Hello Community,
We have been working on a project for our clients in Retail field for Optical Store where there is counter sales of optical items eg. sunglasses, lenses etc, while most of the sales are from made to order basis which is Spectacles and lenses.
To achieve this we have developed a custom app which can handle the customers prescription of their Eye test and attach it to the Sales order or Sales Invoice depending on the method used by the company.


  • Create Optical Prescription of the customer and rendered in graphic view for user understanding.
  • Option to select sales of Spectacle, Contact lense, Service(Eye test) or Repair.
  • Select Customers Optical Prescription to be used for the current Sales order/Sales Invoice.
  • Display Spectacle Optical Prescription Distance, Reading, Addition, PD, Prism, IOP, Prescription Note and Contact Lense Prescription like SPH, CYL, AXIS, VA, BC, DIA etc
  • Sales Order to Sales invoice with any advance received, print Invoice, Print Document for Lab process.
  • Sales Order workflow, from branch to Warehouse to Lab workshop to branch (Finished good).
  • Collect outstanding payment against the invoice and press collect to update the status of the workflow of the sales order to display as Collected.
  • Daily Sales closing, this consist of Daily Sales achieved which is total sales done for the day while also Daily collection which is total payment received which includes today’s sales as well as previous outstanding’s.
  • Sales Order workflow status action, Once the Order is updated as Ready to Deliver(Finished good received at the branch) an sms will be sent to the customer.
  • Item table restriction as per the Optical Store policies, Item Row 1,2 & 3 will always be 1 quantity and row 4,5 can be more than 1.
  • Stock Transfer document other than the stock entry. This has a workflow of Dispatched and Received. Action when items are dispatched it transfers the Quantity to a transit warehouse until the Receiver receives the Items and presses Receive workflow button. This passes 2 Stock Entry, First with Dispatcher warehouse to Transit warehouse, Second from Transit Warehouse to Receivers Warehouse.
  • There are many more customisation done on this app.

If there is any scope for this then feel free to contact me.

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Sales Order View

Sales Order Optical Prescription Selection

Render Prescription View

Small Barcode

Big Barcode used for Frames/Spectacles
This is printed on the precut Label paper.

Actual printed Copy

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This is nice

Great work you guys are doing

Any way to test this

Thanks, This has been in production since 13th May, 2019 So it is confirmed that it works perfectly as needed. There is our repo on our github for this.