Retail Potential Client

Hello all

I have a potential client in the retail sector with 4 outlets and HQ.

Sales happen in each of the outlets, and the client needs to be able to track sales in each outlet.

Each outlet also needs to be able to run end of day reports that shows the total value of cash and credit card sales made on each day

We will also like to be able to ensure that cashiers in each outlet will not see the sales of other outlets

What is the best approach to implementing this on ERPNext?

I am stumped on how to generate sales per outlet and how to restrict cashiers to only seeing sales in their locations.

Creating each outlet as a separate company is not an option

Would appreciate any help.

Best way is to have generic customers.

Customer: “Outlet 1”
Customer “Outlet 2”

Then you can run reports per outlet. You can also apply user permissions on Customer so that cashiers can only see their outlet.

Now, if you need actual customers, I don’t believe there is an out of the box way to do this. You would need to create a custom field (outlet), write a script that fills this field in POS, and then write reports off this field.

Thanks @felix

Unfortunately having generic customers is not an option, retail is all about customer service and retention.

Is it not easier to have warehouse as a filter field? such that in the sales register we can filter for sales by warehouse??


Create a custom custom report and give permissions to the report.

Filter by POS accounts.

How does that sound?

Sales Invoice currently does not have a Warehouse field. However, it’s not as simple as just adding a custom field to warehouse because there’s currently no easy way to have that filled in POS.

Basically, if you cant go with generic customers, you’ll have to customize.

Thanks felix

When you say customize do you mean custom report as stated by @mulyadi-agtechsg above or customize ERPNext??

You’ll need to customize ERPNext, and also write some new reports.

Thank you