Return a Non Delivered Overdue Invoice

Hi i have this case scenario that i cant solve.

  1. we made a invoice for a product and sent it to the customer
  2. days gone by and the invoice has been marker overdue
  3. the customer didn’t appear to receive the product and the product got returned from the “courier” provider after months to us back again.

I tried to use the “make return” on the invoice, the stock appeared ok as the product is added back but on the accounting, the amount hasn’t been deducted from the “Accounts Receivable - Deptors” where the unpaid invoiced are and so the customer appears to owe us money.

I also tried to check “Update Billed Amount in Sales Order” but didn’t notice any change.

So how exactly am i going to return this Unpaid Overdue Invoice and remove the unpaid dept form the customer ?

Thanks in advance.