Return Delivery Note doesn't validates Credit Limit; Item Value Repost and Stock Ledger Report

Hi, can anyone help me understand these issues?

  1. If we have set a credit limit of e.g. 10,000 for a customer and create a Delivery Note for 7000, then remaining credit limit is 3000 and I can no longer create any new Delivery Note/Sales Invoice more than 3000. But if I create a full return against the Delivery Note, it doesn’t impact the Credit Limit, it still only allows me to create Delivery Note/Sales Invoice till 3000? Why?

  2. In the Stock Ledger report, there’s two column, Avg Rate (Balance Stock), and Valuation Rate. The actual valuation is happening on the Avg Rate column, where Valuation Rate shows in/out value. Then why the name is Valuation Rate for this column?

  3. Repost Item Valuation: the schedule job is Hourly. Can we do something to run this whenever the worker is free? What if the worker is busy for 30 mins when it’s trying the repost job to be completed?

Hoping to get some understanding about these points.


What is Frappe/ERPNext version ?

How did you set the valuation rule in Stock Settings FIFO,LIFO, Average ? It can explain the point 2 about Valuation Rate.

For the point 3 you add an simple app and in the run add the same schedule_envents={}, with diffrerent scheulding, or may be update, in web, The Schedule Job Type fequency (but it can be reset on upgrade)

Hi Henry, sorry I missed your comment. The versions installed are ERPNext: v14.31.0 Frappe Framework: v14.48.1, Frappe HR: v14.12.0

The valuation set is Moving Average. I’m not saying the calculation is wrong, but in previous versions Valuation Rate coulmn name referred to actual valuation_rate where as it’s the Avg Rate.

I tried a scheduler in a custom app, but apparently it’s not getting created, perhaps not able to create another schedule for an existing event. I will retry this.