Return should not use updated prices

A sales invoice containing wrong prices was created and a return was filed using the “create” button in the invoice.

That return wrongly contains the updated prices. It SHOULD of course use the prices from the faulty invoice in order to correct it towards the customer.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Kombi
I belive this is a general bug which occurse sometimes. I face the same issue with returns. also if you issue orders from blanket orders it is not using the price from the blanket order. it is using the latest price from the item.

However you can ceck the selling and buying setting.

and for buying

Maybe this helps you out

Sweet! Those settings seem very promising.

Btw, are you by any chance a fellow deutscher Anwender? (finde hier leider keine PM-Option…) Wie macht ihr das mit den Nummernkreisen, die bei jedem gelöschten Entwurf “löchrig” werden?

Ja, hast Du meine andere Nachricht erhalten?