Returning Material from Work In Progress

Hi All,

I’m just wondering what is the best way to return material from work in progress which also updates the work order transferred qty without the use of stock entry cancellation

The reason i don’t want to use cancel is that it is usually not possible if the work order is already partially created and the stock entry to transfer to wip is done on a single stock entry.

I know we can do a simple stock entry but it will then not update the transferred qty on the work order

Any ideas?


how about adding some server script on manual stock entry (transfer from WIP to raw material warehouse) to auto update the transferred qty in work order?

It’s a feature in v14: Work Order

i did see that. I was hoping it was backported to v13 as I can’t switch to v14 yet because of some issues.

I guess I would just have to write a server script for now.