Returns without a Sales Invoice

I want to raise credit notes for some item returns and the sale was done offline. So, there is no corresponding sales invoice for the items the customer is returning. Could someone help me with this situation? Below is the scenario.

  • I have done some sales previously and those sales were not recorded in ERPNext and I don’t want to record them as well. The customer wants to return some of the items I sold before and I can just create a credit note adding the items the customer is returning. Say the credit note value is $ 250.00.
  • Also, the customer wants to buy some different items worth $300.00, and looking at this the customer only has to pay $50.00 to set this off. However, since the new sales invoice I created has no relation to the credit note, if the customer pays only $50.00 there is an outstanding amount of $250 for the invoice.

Could you please help me to find a way to set off this 250 as there is a credit note worth 250 generated?

Won’t the Credit Note show up in the Match Payments with Invoices and you can reconcile these two?

Hope this helps.



Thanks @JayRam!

I can see the invoice in “Match Payments with Invoices” but the credit note doesn’t come up. Do you know why CN is not shown? On another note, I am using ERPNext 11.

I just checked this in ERPNext v13 and it is working fine. Is ERPNext version 13 bieng used in production? I know it is in Beta now. The reason I am asking is that I registered for a trial cloud account and it is giving me version 13. I thought ERPNext could has version 12 for production.