Reuse Same Serialized Item

I have a scenario where I buy a phone with a serial number and then sell it to a customer and then buy it again from the customer for a lower price and then trying to sell to another customer. In ERPnext its not allowing me to sell the same serialized Item again as it stated it is already linked with an other invoice. How to handle it.

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This is an interesting idea, and one that needs to be explored. I have a client that wants to use ERPNext to sell used cars. They sell a car to a customer and then several months to a year later they will buy back the car as part of a trade-in for the next car the customer wants. I have not tried this yet, but "if " I were to try to make it work, it would mean the following requirements would have to be met:

  • the original serialized item would have to be received into the system with it’s correct serial nmber

  • the first sale of the item would also have to include the same serial number (this should take it out of the system as an inventoried item)

  • the buy-back transaction of this item at some future time would also have to include the serial number as part of the transaction (this should put the itme back into inventory again)

  • The item should be available ‘again’ to sell using the same serial number.

So, if you followed this exactly, it should work properly (in theory). However, if the correct serial number is NOT part of every one of these transactions, I could see it failing.

For example, you would not be able to buy a non-serialized item in the system and then attempt to add a previously used serial number to the record.

Like I said earlier… I have not tried this yet, but I wouldn’t think it to be unworkable if you follow the right steps. Let us know exactly wg=hat steps you used to see this condition.


Was there a solution to this?

This is “supposed” to be working already if you process a return of the serialized item. It can then be sold again.

I have not tried it but I do remember one of the devs that works on Sales Invoices indicated this already works (but only by using the return function).


So Buy back is still not supported, as I cannot buy back same serial number

It would not be a “buy back” it would have to be a “return”

Returns of serialized items are allowed and can be put back into inventory.