Revaluation of Payable/Receivable Accounts

Dear Community,

I am implementing a revaluation app.

Foreign exchange accounts can be revaluated and reversed accordingly. The revaluation app will create a journal entry and does debit and credit in both account and company currencies.

However, there is one major problem. Reports such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation will take these figures as part of their reports due to the Account Type I believe.

For example, a JE entry for a revaluated Payable Accounts would require party. This entry will contribute to the AP as an invoiced amount. See figure below.

Is there any way or workaround to implement this without customizing the reports?
Like this, there is zero chance of revaluating Receivable, Payable and Bank Account Type?

@mulyadi-agtechsg happy to help if you make it a contribution and not an app.

Hi @rmehta

Sure. Let me PM you on this. :slight_smile: