Reverse Auctions as a Purchasing Management Diferential


I read some customization suggestions, and I felt comfortable suggesting one:

I worked in a consultancy for a long time, and we did optimization of the shopping area, working on a tool (ARIBA - SAP/Ariba eAuctions - YouTube) that made reverse auctions.

It would be amazing to have an ERP that allows users to shop, from material demands or not, select items (MRO, for example), send RFQs to suppliers, and, at a specific date and time, perform the reverse auction with these Providers.

I have never been able to do these two activities (demand management and purchasing) in an integrated way, and I imagine that this functionality would, at least from the point of view of purchases, put the system on another level.

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Hi, we implement ERPNext for our clients. i’d be happy to develop the Reverse Auction Module in ERPNext.

Let’s Collab on this.
feel free to ping me on Whatsapp or email.

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