Reverse BOM Functionality

Hello everyone,

I want to use reverse BOM functionality. my scenario is, I have some raw materials and using this raw material we produce multiple finished product so how can we manage this functionality in BOM


Can you give a real example.

In my production, I have Two Raw Materials Items A and B with using This Two Raw materials we Produce Two Finished Goods Items C and D.
So How Can I Manage this Process In BOM

Why dont use use one FG as the primary FG and other as a scrap item

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Refer to below documentation, Hope it helps

While this approach is a good hack to get started, I think the fundamental manufacturing concept needs to be reworked to consider processes.

Continuing on the example of the petrol BOM producing ‘scrap’ as diesel, kerosene, etc., it should rather be that a certain process master is run, say “refining process” which gives multiple items as an output which are petrol, diesel, kerosene, etc.


I have the same exact issue. It is been a week since I am trying to implement a manufacturing module and ERPNext in an Oil and Gas refinery, but it is not very successful. I have tried many scenarios. Let’s create a proposal to add this feature to the Manufacturing module. This is a One to many BOM. process. I have Sour Naphtha and processing this raw material will create several finished goods or processed materials such as Light Naphtha, LPG, Reformate, and a 10% loss. I expect the 10% loss cost to be added to the cost of the finished good proportionally.


We are reworking our implementation on a custom fork, will hopefully see a an improved model that can fit more use cases. It won’t cover exactly your scenario, as we are in the textile manufacturing industry. Our main focus is on a Handling Unit functionality.

We can check back in a few months on our developments.

In the meantime, if you can inform your requirements, perhaps our developer @saifi0102 would be interested in contributing something back to the core.

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I use this app for your scenario GitHub - ESS-LLP/process-manufacturing: PROCESS MANUFACTURING
It is a good starting point. I’ve implemented this to a laser cutting factory.

You can also check my modified version GitHub - logedosoft/process-manufacturing: PROCESS MANUFACTURING. It needs many bugfixes but it handles the job.