RFQ in buying module

As I’ve just begun trying out ERPNext, I’m not certain if I’ve checked it thoroughly, but is it possible to create an RFQ for a supplier or multiple suppliers from the buying module and mailing it out to them? From the workflow it appears to me that this would fit in between Material Request & Supplier Quotation.
In case there is already a way to do this, I’d appreciate someone telling me how to get there.
Thank you!

There is no RFQ for now.

You need to go through the tutorials on how to build on ERPNext


This would go right inside ERPNext though (and not a custom app)

So is the RFQ to multiple suppliers still not available now?

I am also looking for the same function at the moment.

@ericmachine88 @Shah_Baharuddin Maybe you can sponsor this?

How much?

@ericmachine88 there are just too many things to do!

Right now you need to subscribe to erpnext.com/pricing/vip to get our attention. You can always look at freelancers via

https://community.erpnext.com/jobs or upwork.com

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With the current feature, is there any supplier portal like Odoo? So basically you allow supplier to bid the prices in there?

@rohit_w is developing RFQ, you can find github issue here and discuss


Out of curiosity, did this lead to a solution?

Its coming in v7