RFQ not visible to Supplier

Hi Everyone, I am using ERPNext 14 hosted on FC. Sent a RFQ to a supplier, the supplier gets the email, the supplier login after resetting the password but then he is not able to see the RFQ. Looks like some permission issue but I don’t know what is missing or where to make the change. Any help will be appreciated.


Have you changed any of the permissions that are assigned to the default Supplier role?

You can check the current permissions the Supplier role has by going to:


Thanks for your reply and help.

I have checked the permissions assigned to default supplier role which is actually blank.

My site is hosted on FC and using ERPNext Version-14.
Look forward for your reply soon.

Best Regards.

Try adding a new permission for the Supplier role and make sure you give all the required permissions to the Supplier Quotation DocType.

Thanks for your reply. But wonder the default permission for supplier role are blank.
I have tried up in 2-3 system but the same issue is coming.
Since I am new to ERPNext, do not want to end up messing up default permission.
Kindly help