RfQ: Print ESC/POS on incoming order via USB

This is a Request for Quotation (or estimation) for the following functionality:

Upon an incoming order being accepted, the platform should communicate via mozilla web extension api with a native extension that acts as a server / driver to an ESC/POS compatible thermal printer.

The printing template should be separately configurable.

For templating, GitHub - xoe-labs/py-xml-escpos: Print XML formated receipts on ESC/POS printers, in Python. (or a similar lib) might be used (has frappe already a framework solution? How does Odoo currently handel ESC/POS templating?) The development should be capable of accessing any order model field, including custom field (which I think would be the framework’s default by design, but just in casr).

As for the native extension, inspiration might be drawn from https://fu.do native extension which uses (a variant of) GitHub - node-usb/node-usb: Improved USB library for Node.js for the USB bindings.

Please PM me or write me an email to dar@xoe.solutions for an estimate.

Please post any questions here so I can clarify publicly.

Thank you very much in advance!

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This might be a good alternative to native extensions, since we have full control over the host anyways. So, why not?