RFQ Supplier: wrong (differental) number format between portal and supplier / wrong amount

Hello together,

we are currently testing the Request for Quotation of suppliers, for example for 1000 pieces and 200 pieces of items.
If I specify the price of 100€ for the 1000 pieces, I get a total amount of 100€. It seems that it treats the 1000 as 1. I think this could be a number format error, but I didn’t find anything about it in the system settings (we use # ###,##).
If I specify the price of 100€ for the 200 pieces, I get the correct total amount of 20.000€.

Does anyone know the problem or how I can solve it?


this is a major issue in my opinion.
We currently evaluate ERPNEXT and this single point blocks us completely from using it.
We testet it in the current developer branch as well as in the version-14 branche with the same effect.

We set the system to german locale, set the number format as well as the currency format to x.xxx,xx and played around with both settings with no success.
As soon as we open the supplier portal, the total for 1000 pieces is calculated as if it’s 1 piece.
For less than 1000 pieces, the calculation seems to be correct.

Please help…
Thank you,