Right problem with new item

Hello community.

i added a custom field to the doc “Items” named item_model. I also added a new doctype named Item Model. I have chosen “Link” as type and it links from “Item Model”. So far so good, now when i go to make a new item the field appears in the form. But when i klick the small edit-button there comes an error with “Not permitted”.

I have all rights, according to the admin. What can it be?

Hi @Alex_Wolff

Make sure that your user record has the role that has read access on Item Model doctype.


Hi again,

i have some trouble understanding this :smile:

Here you can see the doctype page for Item Model. THe role administator is set


Here you see my user page:


Why i cannot find the Admin role here to set? Basically this is what my boss wants to know.

Because here is shown what the “Administrator” can do, what should be everything nearly:


And here are all the roles shown:


Now we search for the way to set the Admin role to my account. I understand something wrong?