Right procedure from Has Batch no to non batch item

Hi Guys,

I need advise if this is right approach to achieve it.

After a year of struggling with Batch items, I think I should get rid of Batch and use item without batch.
To move from batch to non-batch item, I was thinking of doing below.

  1. Create duplicate items with no batch selection
  2. Make Stock Entry issue of all items with all batches
  3. Make Stock Entry receipt of all items with no batches
  4. Disable items with batch.

Thanks for your kind answer.

Why I want to do this?

There are so many problems with using item with batches and I think by moving to non batch item this will benefit me as:

Faster system,
Less validation,
Predated entry easier,
Can use POS module,
Easier cashier work.

Selection of Batch ID has been simplied a lot in the latest verion of ERPNext. If your business operations need to track item’s batches, then you should do it. That’s what should be the criteria for the final call.