Ripening stage in manufacturing workflow

Part of our manufacturing process includes a stage where we ripen the fruit we need to then process when they’re ripe.
Based on the level of maturity when we receive them, we have to decide whether they’ll spend a few hours or a few days in ripening chambers.
What would be the best way to include and monitor this essential stage in our manufacturing? The objectives being: making sure we monitor the ripening of each lot received, making sure we get notified when the ripening time is up, making sure the system notifies us when the fruit is not ready for the scheduled production.

Many thanks for your assistance!

O. did you find an answer/method to your question? Our manufacturing flow has a similar step where we need to dehydrate a product for 2-5 days

Hi @ckanoab @Olivier_HFF ! I suggest you add customization in the manufacturing process having the ripening process as an operation where you can put in time and add in Email Alert if time lapses. Hope this helps!

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