[Roadmap] Let's optimize ERPNext for America

Hi there! I’m Jai, working as a consultant at Frappe Technologies, the core maintainers of ERPNext and would like to know which features do you want to see in ERPNext V13. Make your choice known so that we can shortlist and review.

You just need to select up to 3 features from this list.

Thanks! Have a great week! :wink:


Hey @jaichavan,

We’ve created a few integrations mentioned in your list as custom apps, and we’ve been actively using them for our clients (my team includes @Felipe_Orellana and @neilLasrado).

The integrations we’ve been using are:

Disclaimer: These apps were developed a few years ago for version 10 and have some custom work for our clients, so we do not recommend anyone use these apps in their production systems yet.

We have made some recent efforts to try and generalize the apps, and port them to version 12, but since they are pretty dated right now, we think it’s better to start from scratch.

As such, we’d be happy to share our experiences and learnings, and help add these integrations into the main codebase.

Thanks for reading!

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I reciprocate that thought! But since the development is done mostly, how much effort would it take to make them v12 compliant?

Can you share your email on DM so we can connect and discuss more your learnings?

Hey, I have shared my email on DM. Let’s connect to discuss this further.

US bank transactions are already available to download via Plaid integration (last time I checked). Assuming remainder of bank reconciliation would be same as global…

@jaichavan Great to see this effort. Some of my top features are not on your list:

  • Non-inventory expense handling. This is a big discussion and potentially breaks the “item” model of ERPNext but I think is the thing that makes adoption from QuickBooks easier.
  • Payroll provider integrations (like Paychex), “compliance” is a moving target based on state and municipality and not a reasonable threshold. The majority of US businesses under 1000 employees offload this risk by using a third party provider.
  • Cash accounting and reporting. The US has a pretty permissive compliance threshold for small businesses and doing cash accounting is often a major advantage for the small business owner.

Happy to discuss further at your convenience.


Not an USA reqt but it’s a generic one, check payment follow up (Purchase or sales), a mechanism to add along with bank reconciliation doctype to autogenerate journals for each event happen to a check given/received.


This exists as Payment Request.

Payment request is something else, I am talking about customer who did payment by check. Here some manual work will be done to reconcile joirnals when check cleared, bounced and so in. Here my point take place to cover this paty by what I called check payment follow up. Imagine you reveive more than 500 check from customers it is not ease to make it manually.


I guess it’s the PDC mechanism of Quick Book. With one click all checks cleared are marked as paid/received and bank entries are passed. This is a feature lacking in ERPNext. Checks don’t clear on the date of check. There are many factors like late deposit, stop payment etc but in ERPNext check is shown as cleared on posting date.

We tell our clients to use a separate ledger for checks and pass journal entry on actual date of clearance. Not an optimum process but helps in managing bank account.

Correct the idea is to put a mechanism to cover 80% of cases and it will be optional through a checkbox, means if checks cleared then a journal should be created to move amount from pending account to bank account, other 20% of cases can be handled manually case per case. As of now all cases arevtreated manually.


Are you successfully using the authorize.net integration? Would like to send payment links to customers using authorize as the gateway.

Hey @RyanF, yeah, the integration has been working pretty smoothly. We are also currently in the process of contributing it to the core.

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